Organ Selling

Organ Selling is a website dedicated to ending the organ shortage and the attendant needless suffering and death each year of thousands of prospective organ transplant patients simply by allowing monetary compensation for cadaveric organs, which will greatly increase the supply.

House Sponsors
1984 report
Senate Sponsors
Testimony in favor of the ban
Testimony opposing the ban
Penna. Reimbursement Plan
Medical Ethics

List of Senate Sponsors and Cosponsors (of Senate Bill 2048, which merged with House Bill 5580 to become Public Law 98-507, the National Organ Transplant Act)

Sponsor: Orrin Hatchorrin.hatch.jpg (15146 bytes)

Co-Sponsors remaining in office:

  • Don Nicklesdon.nickles.gif (14647 bytes)
  • Strom Thurmondstrom.thurmond.jpg (7377 bytes)
  • Dan Quaylequayle2.jpg (17085 bytes)
  • Bill Rothbill.roth.jpg (6113 bytes)
  • Chuck Grassleychuck.grassley.jpg (9737 bytes)


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