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Organ Selling is a website dedicated to ending the organ shortage and the attendant needless suffering and death each year of thousands of prospective organ transplant patients simply by allowing monetary compensation for cadaveric organs, which will greatly increase the supply.

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Statement of Principles

WHEREAS each individual is the proper owner of himself or herself, including all of his or her internal organs,

WHEREAS the free market is the most moral and practical way to provide for human needs,

WHEREAS the current "altruism only"-based system results in the needless suffering and death of thousands of people each year as they wait for donor organs, not to mention the trauma inflicted upon their families and other loved ones,

efforts to increase the rate of donation through educational campaigns have failed miserably,

that Congress rescind its 1984 ban on the sale or purchase of human organs (National Organ Transplant Act), so as to allow monetary compensation for cadaveric organs.

If you agree, and would like to help us eliminate the organ shortage, please sign up below to become part of our list of advocates.  Then visit our "How YOU can help" page!






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